Welcome Attorney Leigh Prugh

May 7, 2018



     The Nee Law Firm would like to welcome our newest team member – Leigh Prugh.


     After graduating high school, Leigh attended Miami of Ohio, where she received her undergraduate degree in political science. Leigh received her law degree from Case Western Law School in Cleveland.


     Her first job out of law school was with the City of Cleveland law department. Among other things, she came to understand commercial leases, although that experience didn’t “translate perfectly to the private sector because I learned about commercial leases from the city’s perspective.” As Leigh pointed out, “there’s a lot of immunity that goes along with being in the city,” immunity that doesn’t apply to private entities.


     Still, the experience was valuable and it set her on her way to her next job with the private insurance law firm of Charles L. Richards. In law school, Leigh didn’t think she wanted to litigate, but as she got more of a taste of it at the Richards firm, she grew to like it.


     After her time at Charles L. Richards, Leigh joined the Portage County prosecutor’s office. She was there for seven years and did a variety of work. She reviewed contracts, litigated and worked with juveniles the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services had removed from their homes. 


     Leigh also served as the mental health recovery board attorney. That position entailed guaranteeing legal representation to people committed against their will to a mental health hospital. Leigh served as the attorney for the mental health recovery board at those hearings.


     In 2016, Leigh started her own firm in part to help people with mental health hearings. In these cases she was on the other side of those due process hearings.


     She came to the Nee Law Firm as the result of a rather fortuitous convergence of events. Leigh wanted to do appellate work. She enjoys the research and writing that’s involved in those cases. And it turned out Matt Nee had a need directly in that area. After a chance meeting, they discussed the particulars, and Leigh received some assignments from Matt. He liked her work, and he gradually started sending more her way. Things went so well that it made sense for her to come to work for Matt full-time.


     And so, after a seventeen-year journey that has taken her through county offices and private law firms, Leigh is bringing her hard-won experience to the Nee Law Firm.

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