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Growing your family through Adoption

Looking to fulfill your dream of building or growing your family through adoption? As a birth parent, are you seeking to create an adoption plan for your child?

Adoptions take time, especially in Ohio, where no adoption can be formalized until the child has been in the adoptive parents home for 6 months. Nee Law Firm can assist in the process of your adoption, helping to guide your step-parent adoption, or finalizing your agency adoption. Not only is adoption an emotional journey for you and your family, but one that is highly regulated by the State as well as various agencies and organizations. Those considering adoption are wise to consult with an attorney to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible in accordance with Ohio adoption laws and its numerous legal requirements. Work with an attorney who not only follows all legal procedures, but one who passionately represents you and your family's interests. We count it a privilege to help our adoption clients, whether finding reputable adoption agencies, navigating the court system, communicating with social workers or other matters that might arise in the course of your adoption journey. 440-793-7720,

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